Past Ragdolls

Past Kittens


Well, Indie’s one year birthday is coming up on Nov. 11th, so I though I’d send you a picture or two I took of her this morning. She is just such a lovely kitty… the other cats get along well with her, Derby our labradoodle loves her….She’s even tempered, playful, loving… who could ask for anything more?? We thank you again for her. : ) Look at the size of those feet!! HA! She’s already around 10 pounds. Oh we just love her……

Annie and Joanne, Syracuse NY


We just want you to know that Chloe Jane is still the sweetest, most loving, unique kitty. I’m sending some pics from over the past months. She’s such a character. She loves running water, really enjoys a bath, plays fetch with her favorite toy mouse, and even says “mouse” when she wants to play by bringing it to us and calling out mouse several times. She loves to ride in the car and is really so easy to care for. She’s healthy and has grown with a super soft thick luxurious coat. She is so beautiful and very friendly. We’ve finally moved into our renovated house. Chloe adapted immediately and loves all the room. We thank you SO much. Use us as a reference any time.

Cindy M and Roger H from Rochester, NY

Lexie & Apollo

We cannot share with you enough the joy that having brought Lexie and Apollo into our lives has given us. After traveling 6 hours to get home, they both immediately used their new litter box and neither of them has ever missed, not once! Apollo is the brother/caretaker and totally bathes Lexie and runs to her if she meows. Lexie actually panics if she doesn’t see her brother at all times – he has to be in sight or she runs frantically around looking for him. They keep each other company, they play together with their toys, they wrestle with each other and the cutest part is when they cuddle up together each night to go to sleep. I think getting a brother/sister from the same litter was the best thing for all of us. They truly want to be with us at all times. We treasure every minute that we get to spend with them – this is an awesome breed as they are the most lovable and gentle cats we have ever known!

Maureen and RJ in New Jersey


From the time Casey walked into our house, he owned it and the people in it. Quite simply, there was no adjustment period, no timidity, no hiding under the bed. We have a daily ritual where he begs, and Ellen lifts him to her shoulder and carries him around the house. He also relishes chasing balls, although he no longer retrieves them; he is enthralled with water and even loves to be bathed and blown dry; he cherishes stuffed toys larger than himself; he loves to pounce on our down comforters; he relishes company and they return the favor; and he often misses the stimulation when they leave. There’s a playful mischief in him that is part of most everything he does including cruising kitchen counters. He seemingly loves his place in our lives, and we often describe HIM as the “love of OUR lives.”

John and Ellen S.
Webster, NY


We named our kitten Fezzik after a character in the movie “The Princess Bride”. He is such a good cat with so much personality. Fezzik makes sure he is involved in everything we do, and he is always glued to our sides.

Michelle and David M
Rochester, NY


We couldn’t be happier with Pam and Pam’s Ragdolls. Pele is such a blessing! She plays fetch, she gets along great with our whole menagerie, and she has personality to spare! Every good thing we read about Ragdolls is true – and we will never be without one.

Cindie Underwood & Curt Vanderbur, Dupont, IN

Sasha & Sophie

Sasha & Sophie are a joy to us — a real blessing. They are playful, loving and so much fun to be around. We love watching the two little ladies and their antics — they really love to be with each other and us. We have several friends who have come to visit who now want to have their own Ragdolls.”

Sarah H


Stanley is so handsome in the sunlight! He is such a great cat and greets everyone at the door. He gets along great with the dogs, and he couldn’t be happier when he plays with the Chihuahua! Thanks again. He’s the cutest!

Betsey B., Scottsville, NY


Andy is a blue-eyed, apple-shaped face love. He is very affectionate, follows me around the house, loves being brushed, and purrs when I pick him up. He fulfills all of the qualities that I want in a pet.

Connie N., Rochester, NY


The Ragdoll breed is by far the nicest, best breed I have ever seen. The cat’s mellow personality intrigues a lot of friends, all of whom seem to love her. Snuggles loves to be around people and will make friends with anyone. She is an excellent cat. Pam was wonderful to work with. She answered all of our questions before and after we brought Snuggles home. Thanks, Pam!




The color of his coat is stunning and his personality is great! Sammy is the most loving cat I’ve ever owned! I’m definitely hooked on Ragdolls!



Lawrence is such an integral part of our family that I cannot imagine that there was a time when he wasn’t around! He has become a family member on equal rights with all. After meeting Lawrence even people that have never liked cats fall in love with him! Thank you, Pam!


Marco & Polo

I bought two Ragdolls from you 2 years ago. Marco and Polo. They are doing great and enjoying life. They were the litter of Dylan and Misty Blue. Marco (seal bicolor) has the temperament of his father. Polo ( blue bicolor), well, he has to follow you everywhere but doesn’t want you to touch him unless he’s ready. Both very different boys.

Mikki B. in Ballston Lake NY


Hi Pam! It’s been four months since I took home my little kitten that I named “Merlin”, and I just wanted to send you some pictures and say thank you again! When he first came home he wasn’t nervous about the new surroundings, but rather very curious and eager to to explore every part of his new domain. He settled in almost immediately and snuggled up next to me and fell asleep purring. I fell in love! Merlin is such a loving social cat, with so much personality! He loves company and cuddling up to new friends, and he’s the first one to go to the door and greet newcomers. He follows me around the apartment keeping me company during all of my tasks, and is right by my side when I’m studying. I love him more and more each day, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He has brought so much joy to myself, my family, and my friends, and I can’t explain how happy he makes me!

Rochester, NY


We would consider buying a Ragdoll cat over other breeds because of their unique and beautiful appearance, as well as their affectionate nature, tidy behavior, and healthy dose of ‘comic mischief’. Roman has become an irreplaceable member of our family, for adults and kids alike!

Rene and Carl


Ruby is now 9 months old and growing fast! We are just crazy about her! She is such a fun, friendly and beautiful kitten. She follows us around everywhere and we love it! She must always be a part of whatever is going on. She is very loved and VERY spoiled. Her favorite toy is “Da Bird” she goes nuts for it (we have to hide it from her!) I just love the Ragdoll breed, I’m already considering another. Ruby just brightens our day, every one of them! Thanks for everything Pam!

Sheri, North Tonawanda, NY

Sadie Mae

Thank you for breeding such beautiful kittens – we truly love our Sadie Mae!

Tom and Nadine in Batavia, NY

Master Jack

Proud owners of Master Jack

Judy and Preston in Rochester, NY

Mo Jo

Mo Jo is a very playful and friendly kitten. He always has to be right with me, no matter what room I’m in. He likes being with our dog and my grandson, and at night he sleeps in our bed.

Doreen in Batavia, NY

Zoey & Gunner

These are our babies and we could not be more in love. They are absolutely the loves of our lives. Thank you, Pam for letting us have the opportunity to bring home such beautiful additions to our families. We’ve thought about getting another one, but ours are so spoiled, that we don’t think that they would tolerate it. As I said “They Rule”. Thanks again!

Beth S.


We are proud to show you our Jersey. He is sweet, loves to be involved and be around, curious and playful. We absolutely love him, thanks.

Ophir and Elena in NJ