Past Miniature Goldendoodles

Joy & Tinks

We have “Joy” who is 8 1/2 months old. Her mom is Tootsie and her dad is Spencer. She is such a delight that we decided to get another one of Pam’s perfect puppies. “Lil Tinks” is 5 1/2 months old. Her mom is Emily and her dad is Spencer. It was a great decision […]


We purchased the pink-collared Tootsie’s puppy shortly after Christmas 2010. He is doing great! We are truly enjoying this little guy…although he is growing quickly and still enjoys cuddling. His name is Grover. I’ve attached a photo of him because he is quite the intelligent puppy. I caught him playing while I was cleaning the […]


It took awhile but I finally got some time to update you on Daisy. She’s doing well, full of energy & smart as a whip! She knows Sit, Stay, Down & Roll Over. We have trained her not to bark unless someone comes to the house, she’s doing well learning not to jump on people […]


I never had a dog and never thought I’d be able to take care of one. It wasn’t until my 9 year old son suggested that for me to have love with me every morning that I got a puppy. Besides my son, Cooper is the greatest companion I’ve ever had. We choose the Alpha […]


Chloe is our five in a half month mini goldendoodle. Daughter of Tootsie and Spencer. She has been a great addition to our family. Not only does this little one have beauty, but she also has brains! From day one of getting her, she was basically house broken. She also has learned all of her […]


I just wanted to let you know that the last 9 months with Charlie have been wonderful! He just celebrated his 1st birthday September 24th and we are so proud to have him as our first family dog. He is smart, well-behaved, and no matter where we go, everyone falls in love with him! He […]

Cooper B.

Pam, I can’t begin to tell you how happy my wife Christine, my daughter Melissa, and I, are with Cooper (and how happy he seems to be with us). He is a wonderful dog; healthy, strong, vibrant, smart, funny, cute, well behaved,… get the idea. His personality is remarkable, and he has become a beautiful […]


Pam, we just wanted to let you know how wonderful our Mini Goldendoodle Callie is. Callie is eight months old and is the daughter of Amanda and Spencer. I have had dogs my entire life and I must say that Callie has been the most trainable dog I have ever had. Callie has the sweetest […]

Buddy & Lucky

I’m not sure if you remember us…we purchased two boys, F1B Mini Goldendoodles from you, back in Feb 2011. Their names are Buddy and Lucky, and we live in Winchendon, MA. They are Spencer and Tootsie’s babies. I subscribed to your YouTube uploads, and see that the dogs have new siblings! Congratulations. I hope they […]


Pam’s Doll House is a great place to get adorable mini golden doodle puppies. Pam was so good at educating us on the care and training of our puppy. We love our mini golden doodle – Bailey. She is so cute and looks just like a stuffed animal. Bailey is now 1 year old and […]