Past Miniature Goldendoodles


It’s been a crazy and fun year!!!! Wendell turned 1 year old on November 16, 2012. He is the son of Spencer and Ellie. When my daughter and myself saw him, it was love at first sight. I bought him for my husband’s birthday. He couldn’t believe I did such a crazy thing. Today, they […]


Howdy Do from Snickers!! I had a great summer! I went camping, swimming, boating, watched fireworks, ate ice cream, went (and ate) inside of a restaurant and even completed a basic obedience training class with flying colors! Say hi to Mom & Dad for me. Tell them not to worry – I’m having a great […]


I wanted to surprise my husband with a puppy that was smart, well behaved and adorable. That is exactly what we have with Riley. I could not ask for a more lovable dog, when anyone sees him they love him and want to pet him. He is eight months old now he knows how to […]


I bought a mini goldendoodle puppy from you this past August. I just wanted to thank you so much for being so wonderful, and let you know that Otis has been the best thing in my life! I’m a student at Brockport, and my workload is immense, but nothing beats coming home and seeing this […]


Lilly is now 7 months old and what a joy she has been! We finished Puppy school (Petsmart). She is now 29 pounds and beautiful. Here are some pictures to share. She is an absolute joy and a wonderful addition to our family. She is loving, smart and fun. We get stopped all the time […]


My son was the first to have a goldendoodle. Forrest is a most wonderful and mellow 65 pound guy. Hearing me say I wanted to wake up next to someone I loved, my son suggester I get one of my own. Cooper, my very first dog brought such wonder and joy into my life. I […]

Max & Cooper

Here are some recent pics of Max and Cooper. They are too funny! The best dogs we could have ever asked for!! Everyone who meets them comments on how well behaved and calm they are. They couldn’t look more different – no one ever believes they are brothers. Cooper has become quite the snuggler – […]


Mason is our 1 year old miniature Goldendoodle. He loves to be around people and enjoys his playtime with some of the neighborhood dogs. Mason is always ready to go for a walk, car ride, or play with his favorite toys in the backyard. Mason was easily house trained and knows many commands & tricks. […]


Maggie is a great addition to our family. Everywhere we go we get complimentary inquiries about her. She is a beautiful color and everyone loves her “shaggy” look. Thanks to you, Pam, Maggie was easily housebroken and well socialized around other dogs and people. Maggie has become our daughter Taylor’s best buddy! – Lori in […]


Hi Pam and Don! Our Lucky is Lilly’s puppy from her litter born on November 15, 2011 and has been with us for nearly a year. Since Lucky came into our lives, it has only changed for the better!! He is a very well behaved, playful, fun-loving puppy who can hang out with the family […]