Past Havapoos


Phoebe is absolutely adorable, soft, fluffy, and has a very funny and playful personality. We just love her! She was great with my mom who passed away on July 31–she used to cuddle with her in the nursing home, and my mom was ever so proud of her gorgeous grandchild! – Barbara R in Westborough, […]


Pam, here is a picture of my little “Lovey” on her first birthday. She is a dream, my constant companion. She is wonderful with my toddler grandchildren and just great fun. Thanks so much. -Kathy


We are so happy with our adorable Havapoo from Pams Doll House. He is a very lovable, social dog who was basically potty training when he was delivered to our house at eight weeks of age. My three children love him, sometimes too much, but he is always so patient and enjoys all their attention. […]


Hi Pam, It’s Zach and Terri and we wanted to share a few photos of our family. Georgia is loved by so many family members, friends, and even strangers! She immediately fell in love with our black lab, Maddie! We can tell that Maddie is so excited and happy to have Georgia here with us. […]


We are so happy to have Boomer in our family. He is a sweet, well behaved puppy who’s so much fun to be around. He plays fetch and runs with my boys in the backyard and greets our guests by laying on his back to have his belly rubbed. Boomer is our first pet and […]