Past Goldendoodles


Hey Pam! I don’t know if you will remember us but we bought a puppy from you about three years ago. I just want to let you know that we just had a baby in July. We were very nervous about this because Zoey has been our baby for two years. She, however has been […]


Tucker is a big part of our family and a very good dog; potty training has been easy because of your work with him. Tucker has so much fun playing with the other dogs in puppy class and has already learned to sit, stay, and lay down pretty well. We are so in love with […]


Sidney is so wonderful, we can’t say enough about him! He has the best temperament, is very mellow, and easy going. He did great in puppy kindergarten and with house training; he is so smart! People stop us all the time to inquire about Sidney and tell us how handsome he is!! We have had […]


Sam is 16 months old now and weighs about 55-60 lbs. He loves to play Frisbee (he’s become quite the catcher), loves the pool, running, and walking 4 miles a day! He is obedient and extremely intelligent. He loves to curl up on the couch at night with us and fall asleep. (thank god we […]


Sage is the best dog! Everyone loves her personality and she thinks everyone that comes to our house is here to see her. She is incredibly smart and has made our lives better over the past two years. Pam was wonderful in working with us to get Sage and did an amazing job of training […]


From the day we brought her home – she has acclimated so well to our family and our other dog, Jewel. She is so loving, friendly, and sweet. We have recently started doggie classes and she is the best-behaved dog there! Everywhere we go with her people ask about her breed as they think she […]

Molly R

Molly is a wonderful puppy and is growing so fast. She is good with everyone from children to adults and even strangers too. She loves to go to PetSmart to get a “present” with me and she is always very well behaved. – Bruce & Pat R. in Rochester, NY

Molly D

Nick and I just want you to know what a wonderful puppy Molly is. She is extremely sweet and lovable and very smart. Everywhere we go, people remark how beautiful and well behaved she is! Molly is very friendly and loves life. She is enjoying spring and the warm days. She will sit outside for […]

Molly C

Molly is a fantastic pup! We love her shaggy coat, cute face, incredible intelligence, and loving personality. Our decision making process and housetraining was a breeze thanks to Pam’s assistance. – Mike & Carolyn in Jamesville, NY


Mickey has easily won our hearts. He is a very smart, playful, gentle, well behaved puppy, and he loves any chance to interact with people and other dogs. He is also good at amusing himself with his toys, especially his squeaky ball. At 9 months, he weighs 50 pounds, and he is still growing!! We […]