Riley Past Puppies


Mini Goldendoodles

I wanted to surprise my husband with a puppy that was smart, well behaved and adorable. That is exactly what we have with Riley. I could not ask for a more lovable dog, when anyone sees him they love him and want to pet him. He is eight months old now he knows how to sit, come, retrieve, shake and lay down. My husband takes him to work everyday. Thank you Pam for such a wonderful dog.

Update: Hi Pam- I just wanted to give you a couple of more pictures of our beloved Riley. I cant tell you how pleased we are with him, yesterday was his 2nd birthday ( July 13) he had a frosty paws for his b’day cake. He still goes to my husbands office each day the patients love to see him. Again thanks for such a wonderful dog.

– David and Bonnie R in Rochester, NY

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