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Mini Goldendoodles

Hi Pam and Don! Our Lucky is Lilly’s puppy from her litter born on November 15, 2011 and has been with us for nearly a year. Since Lucky came into our lives, it has only changed for the better!! He is a very well behaved, playful, fun-loving puppy who can hang out with the family for hours and be content. He is great with commands and learned sit within the first couple of hours of coming home with us (that is the picture of him as a puppy that I’ve included) He caught on quick, that if he sits he gets a treat 🙂 Our extended family and friends love him so much that he is always included in the invites to birthdays, gatherings and parties… and he fits right in. He loves car rides, even if only to the bus stop and back; running in the yard or taking a walk at the park; fetching balls (for hours) playing with his best friend Gio (a maltese) camping and especially burying himself in the snow! He passed both basic and intermediate obedience training and has been recommended to become a therapy dog (which will be our next venture with him). Now don’t let all his good behavior fool you, he can be quite mischief when he wants to be and he loves to dig, which we are still working on…. But no matter what, we love him just the same and cannot imagine life without him. Thank you again, for our fur-baby Lucky; he definitely completes our family ♥

The Falzone Family – Rochester, NY

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