Jersey Past Puppies



We are so happy with our adorable Havapoo from Pams Doll House. He is a very lovable, social dog who was basically potty training when he was delivered to our house at eight weeks of age. My three children love him, sometimes too much, but he is always so patient and enjoys all their attention. He really has a delightful personality. He is always ready to play or go for a walk with you but will curl up and sleep next to you if that is what is happening at that moment. He rarely barks but will let us know if someone is coming to the door, then he greets them with his tail wagging crazily. He always thinks they are coming to see him! The mix of breeds to create a Havapoo has produced a healthy, fully grown eleven pound dog. Thank you Pam – he is a wonderful addition to our family!

– Liz N. in Fairfield, CT

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